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SaarLorLux: Dynamic Region in the Heart of Europe

The SaarLorLux region is situated in the Heart of Europe and displays a high level of economic dynamics. Its broad spectrum of predominantly small to medium sized companies shows focal points in specific industry sectors and technologies.

The economic integration has developped substantially since the creation of the Single European Market in 1993. The successful integration has materialized in a high degree of cross-border trade, investment and mobility of labour force. Today a good forty percent of Luxemburg´s workforce commute daily from France, Belgium and Germany.

The five Chambers of Industry and Commerce in the sub regions Lorraine, Luxemburg, Saarland, Trier and Western Palatinate cooperate since more than 15 years to foster the economic integration and  the attractiveness for enterpreneurial activities  in SaarLorLux.

Among other aims the Chambers stand jointly in for:
  • Further development of cross-border trade and investment between sub-regions
  • Reduction of administrative barriers to business exchange
  • Creation of  internationally competitive conditions for business
  • Assistance for and linking up of regional research and development
  • Further education of human ressources
  • Improvement of internal transport infrastructure and optimizing connection to other European regions
  • Permanent dialogue between business community and politics concerning economical and political integration of SaarLorLux

Project work by the SaarLorLux Chambers:

Apart from the continuous exchange of information and experience concrete project work is on the Chambers´agenda. We prepare the way for company cooperation and organize joint initiatives to open up new markets e.g. by trade fairs, conferences and industry meetings.  The foundation of the Franco-German World Trade Center Metz-Saarbrücken and the joint SaarLorLux office were realized in cooperation.

With the assistance of the EU programme “Interreg III A” the Working Group of Chambers developpped the internet project “Business Portal SaarLorLux” ( It is designed to be a communication and information platform with a focus on economical topics for SaarLorLux companies. The new portal informs comprehensively about current issues and offers companies a forum to present their products and services. Making use of the internet facilitates finding, contacting of and communication between regional companies, thus improving interregional cooperation and commercial relations.

The portal serves as well as a source of information for the public sector, media and citizens. Of course it is useful for interested parties from outside SaarLorLux, too:  sourcing a product, finding a cooperation partner or an interesting seminar venue in our region will be much easier now. The portal´s trilingual concept empahasizes the cross-border character of this Chamber project and offers for the first time an easy-to-use pool of regional business contacts to the world outside SaarLorLux.

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A project with the financial backing of the EU in the context of INTERREG III A

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